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Auto Detailing

Car-Knack is located in Gillette, Wyoming … but also services all of Northeast Wyoming and surrounding areas. Our auto detailing services are perfect for any make or model vehicle, including exotic cars, sports cars, trucks, SUV’s, minivans, RV’s, buses as well as motorcycles. Simply contact us to setup a date to drop off your vehicle and we will take care of the rest. 

So what sets us apart? When detailing your car, truck, van, minivan, RV, SUV or motorcycle, S&R doesn’t take shortcuts. We clean every nook and cranny accessible to us, without removing vehicle components or hardware. Yes, some of the areas are hard to reach, but that’s where we excel. Just because areas are hard to reach, doesn’t mean they’re hard to see … so they must be clean. We utilize specialized tools of the auto detailing industry so that we are able to go above and beyond many other auto detailers in the area.

​3 Reasons You Should Get Your Car Professionally Detailed

​Having your car professionally detailed is a great way to return it to the way it looked when you first drove it off the dealer’s lot. Before paying someone else to thoroughly clean your car, you’re probably wondering why you can’t just do it yourself. Detailing on your own isn’t a bad idea, but before you block out your next Saturday and start buying supplies, consider these three reasons for getting your car professionally detailed.

1. A professional job is more likely to increase the resale value of your car, now and later. One of the biggest reasons for getting your car professionally detailed is that it will instantly increase the resale value of your car by making it look as attractive as possible. In addition, a professional detailer will use products that protect the exterior and interior of your car. This type of proactiveness can prevent paint damage, rusting, corrosion and more, so even if you aren’t planning to sell your car right away, a professional detailing can add to its resale value later.

2. Professional detailers have products, tools and know-how that you don’t. While detailing a car is a straightforward process, the professionals are still more prepared than you are. A professional detailer is equipped with specific tools and products to get the job done right, including items like a rotary buffer, car specific shampoos and sealants. While you can go out and purchase these yourself (consider the cost of buying these if you are trying to save money by not going to a professional), you can’t purchase the skills that professional detailers have acquired during their time performing detailings.

3. A good detailing takes time, and outsourcing to a professional doesn’t. A thorough car detailing can take upwards of 6 hours. If you’re doing it yourself, also consider that you need to learn about everything that goes into the detailing and spend time purchasing the supplies to do it. By outsourcing the work to a professional, you save yourself time.

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